In the nutshell

Articulating Futures is a series of workshops designed by Niharika Hariharan and co-creatively supported by Proboscis (London). The workshops were first held in New Delhi, India at Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya between the 17th -21st November, 2009.

In a creative collaboration with Giles Lanes (Proboscis) and Janani Iyer (a tutor and progressive thinker) the workshops were designed and developed. The workshops were filmed and documented by Aarthi Parthasarathy, a bangalore based filmmaker.

What followed over the course of the 4 days was a fantastically artistic and innovative brainstorm by young students of India and their visions of the future.
You can check out Niharika Hariharan’s work and contact her at her personal website at

I would like to thank Proboscis, Giles Lane, Janani Iyer, Laxmi Venkatesh, Sudha Rajamohan, Neeraja Hariharan, Aarthi Parthsarathy and all the participating students for their enthusiasm and energy,

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