About Articulating Futures

‘Articulating Futures’ is a 4 day workshop that was designed and facilitated by Niharika Hariharan, commissioned and creatively supported by Proboscis (London) to mobilize young students to creatively think and articulate issues that are important to them.

The first series of these workshops were held at Chinmaya Mission Vidyalaya, New Delhi between the 17th -20th November, 2009.

Kick starting with an orientation and a sign up of 16 students, Articulating Futures was an open creative space where students worked collaboratively, fearlessly and creatively to investigate, question, reason and articulate intelligently issues and ideas that were important to them. Intentionally situated within a classroom structure, the two primary goals of the workshop were:

– To get students to think, assimilate and express their ideas within a limiting existing academic structure in a creative and meaningful manner.

– To allow for educational institutions to involve alternative and creative methods of learning within their academic set-up, so as to not educate students out of their creativity. And to achieve this goal by involving  and collaborating with creative thinkers and practitioners.

What followed over the course of the workshop was a feverish participation of young minds, imaginatively, fearlessly thinking, expressing and unlearning out of their conditionings to break new grounds in creative learning and critical thinking.

You can download the Articulating Futures report here Articulating Futures Report 2009.

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