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Articulating Futures- workshop packs

November 23, 2009

The workshop packs were an integral part of the workshop. They were carefully designed to weave into the natural flow of activities essentially acting as tools for students to use for expressing and documenting their responses and reactions.

Through the day’s discussions students were asked to reflect and articulate their sense of identity in the current and future scenario. They were asked to critically debate their perceptions of the current changes in the economical and social context. Questions from the Ebooks and Storycubes initiated them to think about the above concepts.

  1. Which elements of  your culture and tradition, do you think are integral to your identity as a young Indian?
  2. Which cultural and social elements would you discard as irrelevant as a young Indian?
  3. Which such cultural and social elements would your grandparents and parents discard and retain?
  4. How do you think the written script of Hindi would change in the future?
  5. Do you think our traditional knowledge like our ‘Vedas’ or our ‘Mythology’ is going to become irrelevant? Is that going to make a difference to us at all in the future?
  6. Do we think traditional sciences are not as advanced as modern sciences?
  7. Does technology help us think more creatively?
  8. What is the impact of western influences on our vision of the future?
  9. What would make you different from a 16 year old in America or England? In a western influenced homogenous culture emerging in India, is it important to be different at all?

The pack contained the following

  1. An introduction booklet
  2. An Ebook of Ideas- to note one’s personal thoughts and moments of inspiration
  3. An Ebook of search and research- to write down responses to specific questions discussed through the day
  4. An Ebook of storytelling- to help students think more creatively using methods and techniques of narrative and story telling
  5. An Ebook of Future- to use as a personal log to create the final future scenarios
  6. Two storycubes
  7. A craft bag
  8. A case study booklet containing articles in both hindi and english for inspiration and ideas
  9. A blue ‘Thought of the day’ leaflet for feedback and to map the daily takeaway of each student

The workshop packs were aimed to inculcate the practice of jotting down ideas. They were aimed to encourage students to creatively and collaboratively think as individuals and in groups.